A great party that everyone will remember (for the right reasons) is the product of  good planning. One of the main ingredients of this is yummy food (pardon the pun). 
It can't be overstated how important it is to have enough food that is prepared, cooked and presented well. And the timing of the serving of the food is critical too, too early and people might not have an appetite, too late and you have the possibilty of guests having a few party bubbles on an empty stomach (and we all know how that ends). Worse still is the proven fact that hungry humans become grumpy and often make bad decisions when compared to someone with a satisfied belly, and nobody wants unhappy guests on the prowl on your special night. 
Not surprisingly the thought of successfully feeding a small army of your nearest and dearest causes many party planners quite a bit of stress. 

We have a number of catering hardware solutions to make successful food service easy.